The way it should be. Shapeyard removes the difficult and time consuming workflow. Leaving 3D artists with just what they’re best at – creativity.

Goodbuy, retopology.

Shapeyard models are built in the boundless level of detail.

At export, the topology is auto created in any resolution set by the host system or artist.

Automatic topology generation
Human-grade quality
Any level of detail
Paintable weight maps for precise detailing
Normal map baking

Edit. Don’t redo.

Shapeyard models store the entire construction history including textures, which simplifies their editing.

Implementing changes to one part doesn’t affect the others.

Boundless texturing.

Shapeyard escalades industry-standard painting and procedural materials.

No more pixels and UVs. Paint as detailed as you like. The rest is automized.

PBR materials
Procedural texturing
Plenty texture baking options
Automatic UV unfolding at export

A hood to look under.

Shapeyard objects consist of a nodes network.

The node-based editor extens ion allows to work beyond the regular UI features.

Parametric asset creation
Documented API
Object parameters listable as asswt option

Single asset. Countless interoperability.

Publish 3D models into the decentralized IPFS network. Mint and trede them as NFTs.

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